Alice (TV Season 5)
Actor Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 17-20
Occupation College Student
Family Ralph - cousin
Cause of Death Bit by a walker.
Status Dead
Ethnicity Australian-American
"Give them a chance." - Alice to Ralph about Rick's group.

Alice is a character introduced in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the cousin of Ralph and was encountered by Rick's group on the way to Washington D.C., while looting a store.


Compared to Ralph, she is rather trusting and fearful of other survivors. She joined Ralph because she in interested in American history. She may be a little cowardish, but in the end will do everything to protect her loved ones.


Not much is known about Alice before the outbreak, but it is confirmed that she and Ralph were living in Australia and were at the United States with his parents for a trip when the outbreak started.

They somehow fortified a small convenience store in Maryland, which Rick and his group encounter later on.


Alice is first seen with her cousin Ralph when Rick entered the store. After the argument between Ralph and Rick's group, she shows herself and breaks up both sides.

Rick later offers them to join the group, which Alice accepts but Ralph denies. Alice convinces him anyway, and they grab everything they had in the store.

While on a street, the group is ambushed by a small amount of walkers. They finish all except two which had cornered Alice. Unfortunately she is bit and Ralph, tear-eyed, say their final goodbyes and puts her down.


Killed by

  • Walkers
  • Ralph

The group is ambushed by a small amount of walkers, and all but two are killed. The remaining walkers corner Alice, and one bit her in the hip before Ralph could finish them off. They say their goodbyes and Ralph shoots her before she could turn.



"Your parents told me to keep you safe, and I swear to God I'll do that." - Alice to Ralph.

Alice deeply cares for Ralph and considers her as his little brother. She is tasked of keeping him safe. Their relationship is explained further when she dies.

Rick Grimes

"What's the least a sheriff could do?" - Alice convincing to Ralph to trust Rick.

Alice trusts Rick, and he feels sorry for her later on after she gets bit.