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Developer WeDontDie
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner WeDontDie
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Seasons 3
Episodes 29 (14 aired)
Original Run April 20, 2020 to Present

A Decaying World is a horror-drama series based off of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is written by WeDontDie. The first season follows the Hamilton brothers as the discover the new world. The remainder of the series covers their struggles with survival in the new world as they meet friends, enemies, and faces of the past.


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Season 1

  1. "The Day the World Changed"
  2. "Among the Few"
  3. "Trust Issues"
  4. "Back to Class"
  5. "Until Dawn"

Season 2

  1. "Far From Home"
  2. "The New World You're Apart Of"
  3. "This Is How We Live"
  4. "Reflect"
  5. "Silently Suffering"
  6. "Test 17"
  7. "Trouble"
  8. "War On The Horizon"
  9. "Sign of the Times"

Season 3

  1. Episode 15
  2. Episode 16
  3. Episode 17
  4. Episode 18
  5. Episode 19
  6. Episode 20
  7. Episode 21
  8. Episode 22
  9. Episode 23
  10. Episode 24
  11. Episode 25
  12. Episode 26
  13. Episode 27
  14. Episode 28
  15. Episode 29

Cast and Characters


Characters are ordered by when they joined the opening credits.

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3
Chris Pratt Alden Hamilton Main
Callan McAuliffe James Hamilton Main
Emma Watson Gianna Hannon Main
Lin Manuel Miranda Dante Espinosa Main
Shane Madej Liam Evans Main
Andrew Lincoln Kevin Danvers Main
Jenny Slate Jessica Carey Main N/A
Jeffery Dean Morgan David Reed Main N/A
Brett Dalton Daniel Rutherford Rec Main
Daveed Diggs Charles Lafayette Rec Main
Jamie McShane William Chambers N/A Main N/A
John Krasinski Dwight Morton N/A Rec Main
Hugh Jackman Phillip Dawson Guest Main

For a list of all characters with spoilers click here

Major Characters


  • It was announced on April 15th, 2020
    • The reasoning for the creation of the show was to created and devolved characters the author wanted to tell. It also was something to begin during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • A Decaying World is the first project WeDontDie has written.
  • The show will conclude sometime in 2021.
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